Cel-Fi GO Panel Indicators - What do they mean?

The Cel-Fi Go is very easy to operate, even without the Cel-Fi Wave App (Download here for Android; and for Apple )

There is one button, and two indicators/lights, one above the button and one on the button itself.


The single band Cel-Fi GO units operate on one band at a time, either 3G or 4G. With the unit set to "Auto" the unit will boost the strongest band it finds, so will switch between 3G and 4 G depending on which one has the strongest signal. The Blue on the button above indicates it is operating in Auto Mode. If the Status Indicator is Solid Yellow the unit is boosting 3G, if flashing it is searching for a signal.

For 3G (manual operation) the status indicator and button should look like this:


The status light will show yellow and flash until a signal is found. Once the signal is being boosted the status light will be solid yellow.

For 4G (manual operation) the status indicator and button should look like this:


Again, the flashing status light shows searching and a solid green light means 4G is being boosted.

In AUTO mode the button will show blue and the colour of the status light indicates if 4G or 3G is being boosted. (Solid yellow for 3G and solid green for 4G):



Errors are also indicated on the panel using the Status Indicator:


A flashing red light means there is a problem such as:

  • No Network Signal (ie. No 3G or 4G to Boost) (Re-orient the donor, external antenna)
  • Input Signals is overly strong and no boost needed (-40dB RSSI)
  • The unit has not been Registered (use the Wave App for this)
  • The coverage and donor antennas are too close together (ie. No isolation between the two antennas - try re-positioning the internal coverage antenna)
  • The unit is overheating (check the unit is not overly hot)
  • A hardware fault (will need to be assessed)

The real Fault Finding needs to be done with the Cel-Fi Wave App, which will reveal a lot more information. However, for a quick glance at the operational status of the Cel-Fi, the button light and the Status light provide meaningful information.

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