Do I need an Antenna, or a Booster, or a Modem / Router?

If you are looking to improve your cellular 3G or 4G signal strength for Voice Calls, SMS and Data this can be achieved in two ways:


Connect an external antenna to your 3G or 4G device. Your device MUST have a facility to connect a cable to it.



Our antenna cables are terminated with an SMA plug, so if your device has a different type of connector you will need a cable adapter.


Use a “Booster”, No cable connection required Keep in mind that the ONLY legal boosters able to be used in Australia are the Cel-Fi brand by Nextivity.
Your Cel-Fi Booster is connected via the supplied cable to an external antenna, plugged in to a convenient 240v mains power point / or 12V / 24V DC source. (Please note the Cel-Fi should not be placed in a hot roof space)
The Cel-Fi is then connected to the supplied internal antenna inside your premises which broadcasts the 3G or 4G signal throughout your premises.

This means that any device within range of the internal antenna will see a MUCH stronger signal, very often 5 bars throughout, depending on the size of the building and construction. Your devices, ie. phones, tablets, modems or routers will benefit from this increased signal, no cabling required.


If you are looking to improve your 3G / 4G cellular data connection only:

  • You can use the Booster scenario described above if you have a 3G  /4G cellular modem / router with its own attached, or built in 3G / 4G Cellular antenna.
  • Recommended: Use a 3G / 4G cellular modem / router and attach an externally mounted antenna connected by cable. Please note our antennas come with a cable terminated with an SMA connector. If your device uses a different type of connector you will need an adapter.


Often a dedicated 3G / 4G modem / router with externally mounted antenna(s) will provide better data throughput than the Booster scenario, if provisioned with 2 antenna sockets, and fed with a MIMO antenna. The router will then supply Wi-Fi, or cabled network connection for your data only devices.



Please Note: Purchasing only an external antenna to improve mobile phone signals will NOT improve your reception unless your phone has the capability to accept a cabled connection.

If in doubt, give us a call on 1300 37 87 00 We'll be happy to work out the best and cost effective solution for your needs.

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  • Can I connect your unit to a talstra Netgear dongle, model : MR2100.
    My I phone only get 1 bar. I live in Esperance W.A. and the reception is terrible. Hope you can help.
    Regards Peter Hurley . 0417902534

    Peter Hurley on
  • After some professional advice please. We have had ADSL2 broadband for as long as its been around. about 5 years ago I started monitoring speeds and it varies between 1.5 and 2.7 Mbps in that time. 0.2 to 0.7 upolad. We have had numerous run ins with Telstra and one of their techs even said they should never have connected us given we are over 6kms from the exchange. And because they did connect us we were unable to get Govt subsidised Satellite broadband. I am now starting to have major problems with my mobile coverage. In the past we got 1 maybe 2 bars through one window in the house. We now get nothing and no longer receive calls or SMS messages. Have started again on Telstra but don’t hold out any hope. The Telstra shop quoted between $1300 and $1500 plus installation for the GO system. I was reading above and wondered whether the GO system or the cellular modem / router would be a better alternative in your opinion. Is it possible to get someone to measure the outside signal strength and direction to see if either will actually work? Generally, just your professional recommendations and if we decide on GO can I install myself if I purchase from you or do I have to go with Telstra etc, etc.Hope you can help. If phone call is easier my numbers are
    (02) 6382 2034 or 0400 716 593 (if you can get through!).

    Darrin Bear on
  • Hi,
    I live at 190 Sudholz Road, Verrierdale QLD 4562
    Mobile reception has over the last year got extremely poor to the point I can’t make calls some times and data is also lost.

    Can you confirm if I/you could install an antenna and cabled booster in my home.
    I have a similar system in Brisbane installed by Telstra about 5 years ago but this was a nightmare to get installed.

    0417 780 462

    Peter Rohner on
  • Hi
    We can not get NBN or a hard line so have the Optus B818 wifi modem but experiences freezing, buffering and drop outs so trying to figure out how to boost my signal and keep and sustain a connection. The modem had three bars and the nearest tower is 7.4km away

    Allison on

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