Don't be fooled by bogus legality claims when buying a Mobile Phone Booster

We're proud to present the Cel-Fi by Nextivity range of mobile phone boosters. Not only do they work extremely well, they are the ONLY mobile phone repeaters (aka boosters) that are legal to own and use in Australia.

If it's not made by Nextivity, it is ILLEGAL to own or use in Australia. Period.

There are a LOT of SHONKY suppliers out there, supplying Chinese and other junk claiming "legal for use in Australia". This is simply a lie to convince you to part with hard earned dollars for junk, that at best don't work, or leads to a hefty fine.

These companies operate off shore to avoid prosecution. They'll often use VOIP phone numbers that "look" Australian but are being answered offshore. They even post photos of warehouses as "locations" they don't operate from.

How to tell if a unit is LEGAL? Simply ask the question, "Is it made by Nextivity?" If it's not made by Nextivity it is illegal.

Some of the non Nextivity brands to avoid:

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