No signal? No problem for Eris Electrical!

We were contacted by Eris Electrical to see what we could do on a property with NO phone signal around any of the buildings. Well normally that's a lost cause - you can't boost zero! 1000 x 0 is still 0!! BUT there was a high spot on the property, where there "might" be a bit of a signal.

After a fairly detailed discussion we agreed that the Cel-Fi GO LPDA pack with MARS antenna  would do the job.

Cel-Fi GO with solar panel, batteries and MARS antenna

We got the equipment packed and delivered the following day in Sydney. Over the weekend Eris Electrical mounted an impressive pole, enclosure for the Cel-Fi GO with batteries connected to a solar panel and regulator.

Quote, "We had 8 or so guys working on-site. As soon as we fired up the Cel-Fi mobile phone repeater everyone's phone started ringing! From nothing to full bar 4G"

Range looks real good too - in front of the antenna the range is reliably 100m and behind even up to 70 metres!

We're very impressed with this install and look forward to seeing more of them in time to come. Once again the Cel-Fi Booster / Repeaters exceed expectations. As Fred from Eris Electrical said - "these kick ass!!"

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