5G Protection

  • $89.99

Stay Safe! Don't risk 5G Mind Cybernetic Control

Especially important for those who have just received your Booster. Don't underestimate the range of these towers. Your Booster can be activated remotely before you even realise you are in range.

Tested in REAL labs, by REAL scientists using REAL tin foil hats using a variety of machines with a HUGE number of big and small knobs and buttons, some of which even go "beep" when pressed.

***As a bonus we'll supply you with a free TFH Brigade badge. Show your friends, your loved ones and the community at large that you care. That you are safe! Wear it proudly!!



  • Gender: Unisex, or Unsure
  • Size: One size Fits all paradigms
  • Bandwidth: Better than -115 dBm at 90m
  • Frequency: DC to Daylight or 15.28709 GHz interpolated
  • Attenuation: -55 Attens +/- 2
  • Range: 12 pico Astronomcal Units



Guaranteed effectiveness: 100% money back guarantee that  you will not contract a Corona Virus by being exposed to 5G when using this product as described.



By scientists who know what this shit means:



See dazzling Chemtrails in 3D acoustic bipolar states

See the world the way it is - it'll be so flat you can barely believe it!


Limited stock - get yours now before it becomes like toilet paper.

Caution, this an adult only product and not to be handled with child.