Money for dodgy illegal boosters? Save $100 on any LEGAL solution.

How about $100 for your old illegal working booster? We'll give you a $100 discount OFF any LEGAL Cel-Fi Mobile Phone Booster if you send us in your old booster.
Simple as that - don't risk a fine of over $200,000 for running an illegal booster.
Don't settle for pitiful performance and shonky retailers. Deal with a company that provides full warranty and on-going support. If you have one of these ILLEGAL units (or any other illegal booster) :
Simply pop it in a postal bag and send it to us and we'l give you a $100 voucher redeemable against any Cel-Fi LEGAL Booster solution!
We'd like to think it helps keep Australia's airwaves free of rubbish!
And of course call us at any time if you would like to discuss a tailored and LEGAL solution for your particular situation.
If you want to use a repeater or Booster in Australia, whatever you do don't buy from:
  • Signal Booster Australia
  • My Amplifiers
  • WeBoost
  • SureCall
  • Mobile Signal Booster
  • Mobile Repeater
  • ZBoost
  • Wilson
  • Smoothtalker
  • Mobile Signal Boosters Australia
  • Phonetone
  • Lightin Thebox
  • CN Boosters

This is only a partial list. Basically - if it is not made by Cel-Fi it IS illegal.

The operators above have businesses setup overseas but advertise here and then drop ship their "illegal junk" from China to you. Forget customer service, forget a successful solution, and potentially forget ever having had up to $200,000 after fines!

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