Booster or Repeater - say what?!!

We tend to use the term "mobile phone booster" for pretty much anything that improves mobile coverage / signal. But there are actually two different devices - the booster and the repeater.

The Booster - connects by cable to a mobile phone and amplifies (boosts) the incoming and outgoing signal.

The Repeater - picks up the mobile signal, amplifies it, and then re-transmits the signal to mobile phones / devices nearby.

In our website, we refer to Cel-Fi "boosters" - technically this is wrong as they are actually repeaters. The only reason we do this is that people more commonly talk about boosters, rather than repeaters.

The ONLY legal repeaters in Australia are made by "Nextivity" and marketed as Cel-Fi.

ALL "Boosters" are illegal in Australia (ie. units that connect to your mobile phone and amplify/boost the signal - other than simple antennas)

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  • Just bought one, yet to install. But I am curious as to why this company has a monopoly in Australia, Regards Paul

    paul on
  • Can the booster ariel on bull bar be close to uhf ariel 150mm apart effect booster

    Frank on
  • Hi John, you asked, “where can i buy the mobile booster $169.00 in Melbourne?”

    In a word or two – you can’t. Any active “Booster” (ie. uses power) at that price is illegal. The only legal boosters (and they are actually repeaters) are manufactured by Cel-Fi.

    Be careful of companies claiming to be in Australia selling el-cheapo devices, or devices that work with more than one carrier ate a time. They are illegal and even possession of these, never mind operation can carry fines of up to $270,000!!

    The companies making these offers are based in such places as the Caribbean, and UK drop shipping illegal units from China. If they were in Australia the ACMA would prosecute them. Don’t be fooled bu Australian sounding names and “local” phone numbers. The numbers are a “Voice over IP” service and land overseas.

    If you’d like to discuss options fr LEGAL repeaters don’t hesitate to call.

    Kevin on
  • Verity, in answer to your question as to why mobile boosters are illegal in Australia…

    Technically boosters connect to a phone via a cable and amplify the inbound and outbound signal. This can cause severe network disruption affecting other users. You are also then using an non type-approved device on the network which is illegal.

    In correct terms, the devices we sell are not boosters, they are repeaters. The devices we sell are manufactured by Nextivity / Cel-Fi and are fully approved for use in Australia. In fact they are the ONLY units approved for use in Australia! We are confident that a Cel-Fi GO or Cel-Fi Pro would solve the difficulties that you are experiencing. Just give us a call if you need more info.

    Kevin on
  • where can i buy the mobile booster $169.00 in Melbourne

    john kendall on

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