No Mobile Coverage at all? Satellite might be an option

No Signal Bars

Whilst we can work with the slightest bit of signal we can't boost zero. 1000 times zero is still zero!! So when this happens, options are very limited, with the only way being UP!

If you simply must have communications consider Satellite. 

Thuraya Satellite
Gone are the days where satellite communications were horribly expensive.
You can now get a satellite handset for less than the price of a good smart phone (bit over $800), and really inexpensive plans from just $15 per month!
As the Whitco group of remote communications platforms, we have "Boosters For Mobiles" and and for when Satellite is the only option:
Sat Phone Sales
Connecting across ALL satellite networks available in Australia Sat Phone Sales will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs and budget.
Check out the website or call 1300 13 54 57 for an obligation free chat about the best solution to suit your needs.