Want to know more about about antenna connections?

What antenna connectors are needed?

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Do I need an Antenna, or a Booster, or a Modem / Router?

Do I need an Antenna, a Booster or a Modem / Router? This article will help you understand the solutions we have available to improve your mobile reception and improved data.

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Absolutely zero mobile coverage? Look up!!

When there is absolutely no mobile coverage to boost - what are you going to do?

A Satellite Telephone may be the answer. Our sister site Sat Phone Sales can help.

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What provider would give me best coverage?

Essentially there are 3 carriers with 4 "levels of service. These are: Telstra Retail Network Telstra Wholesale Network Optus Network Vodafone Network   Telstra: It's pretty clear when you are with Optus and Vodafone, a bit more confusing with Telstra Retail/Wholesale. Telstra sell services on their own network to their own retail customers. This means that these customers get access to ALL parts of the Telstra network and all modes of operation like "Voice over LTE". The ONLY Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that has access to ALL of the retail network is BOOST (owned by Telstra) All other MVNO's...

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Money for dodgy illegal boosters? Save $100 on any LEGAL solution.

$100 for your illegal mobile phone booster. Get rid of that dodgy booster and go legal, with full performance Cel-Fi Booster / Repeaters. Find out how to save $100 and how not to be roped in to an illegal mobile phone booster.

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