Is your Cel-Fi Boosting?

You feel that your Booster is not Boosting? If this is the case- don’t panic! The units  function really well, do boost, and any perception less than that is usually to do with settings, either in the handset being used or in the booster. We’re going to refer to The Cel-Fi Wave App, which is available on iPhone and Android. There’s even a PC version if so inclined!   The Cel-Fi Wave App is used ONLY to register the device and as a diagnostic tool. It is NOT needed for successful boosting of your signal. So before proceeding with diagnostics,...

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Is the Cel-Fi Pro Easy Install Booster right for me?

The Cel-Fi Pro Booster is a remarkable device bringing strong 3G and 4G connectivity inside where you might have had none before!     The Cel-Fi Pro comes in to it's own when: You can't mount an external antenna  You have 1 bar consistently at a Window or other indoor location You can have the two units separated by 8 or more metres It's simply install and enjoy the improved coverage. There are limitations where a Cel-Fi GO may be a better solution. Be Careful where: You can't sperate the units by more than 8 metres You or your neighbours...

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Want to know more about about antenna connections?

What antenna connectors are needed?

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Do I need an Antenna, or a Booster, or a Modem / Router?

Do I need an Antenna, a Booster or a Modem / Router? This article will help you understand the solutions we have available to improve your mobile reception and improved data.

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Absolutely zero mobile coverage? Look up!!

When there is absolutely no mobile coverage to boost - what are you going to do?

A Satellite Telephone may be the answer. Our sister site Sat Phone Sales can help.

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