Antenna - BLACKHAWK OMNI MIMO - 700-2700MHZ

Antenna - BLACKHAWK OMNI MIMO - 700-2700MHZ

  • $249.00
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Not sure if you need an antenna, booster or modem / router? - get the facts HERE first.

Ideal for Telstra Next-G and 4GX networks, Optus, and Vodafone 3G/4G.

Operating on all 3G and 4G frequencies in Australia and abroad.

The Blackhawk Wideband Omni MIMO Antenna provides an ideal solution for 4G data applications where a high speed MIMO data connection is required. 

Ideal in applications where there is a moderate signal outdoors and little signal indoors.
Whilst providing moderate gain (amplification) this antenna really shines when you want one antenna that supports MIMO (Multiple in Multiple Out), which can double effective data rates  compared to regular omni directional antennas


  • 2.5 dBi gain across lower bands 698-960 MHz
  • 4 dBi gain across upper bands 1710-2700 MHz
  • Ruggedised construction for extreme conditions
  • UV-stable PVC construction
  • Stainless steel mounting clamp included 
  • Includes two 5m RG58 cables pre-fitted with SMA male connectors
  • Ideal for high speed 4G LTE applications.

5 Year Warranty