Checking you Cel-Fi DC connection

Check your Power Source

Before connecting your Cel-Fi GO to DC power, it's worthwhile checking the DC polarity of the power source it is connected to.

For hardwired systems this may be done with a simple multi-meter.


It is important to note that there is no "minus" - symbol, probably displayed where the red circle is. No indication (as shown) or a + symbol is fine





For units plugged in to a socket check that the green light illuminates BEFORE plugging the cable in to the Cel-Fi. If the light is not illuminated DO NOT plug the DC cable in to the Cel-Fi.  Also a good idea to check that other appliances can / or have been run from that socket.


Installation tip:

Grounding of the Cel-Fi unit is very important.


Grounding is tying the chassis of the Cel-Fi to the chassis (earth or ground) of the vehicle. This is very important to stop static build up / charges damaging the unit.

Attach the DC lead ground lug to one post as shown, and the vehicle ground wire to the same post, or the post at the other end of the Cel-Fi

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