Do I need an Antenna, or a Booster, or a Modem / Router?

If you are looking to improve your cellular 3G or 4G signal strength for Voice Calls, SMS and Data this can be achieved in two ways:


Connect an external antenna to your 3G or 4G device. Your device MUST have a facility to connect a cable to it.



Our antenna cables are terminated with an SMA plug, so if your device has a different type of connector you will need a cable adapter.


Use a “Booster”, No cable connection required Keep in mind that the ONLY legal boosters able to be used in Australia are the Cel-Fi brand by Nextivity.
Your Cel-Fi Booster is connected via the supplied cable to an external antenna, plugged in to a convenient 240v mains power point / or 12V / 24V DC source. (Please note the Cel-Fi should not be placed in a hot roof space)
The Cel-Fi is then connected to the supplied internal antenna inside your premises which broadcasts the 3G or 4G signal throughout your premises.

This means that any device within range of the internal antenna will see a MUCH stronger signal, very often 5 bars throughout, depending on the size of the building and construction. Your devices, ie. phones, tablets, modems or routers will benefit from this increased signal, no cabling required.


If you are looking to improve your 3G / 4G cellular data connection only:

  • You can use the Booster scenario described above if you have a 3G  /4G cellular modem / router with its own attached, or built in 3G / 4G Cellular antenna.
  • Recommended: Use a 3G / 4G cellular modem / router and attach an externally mounted antenna connected by cable. Please note our antennas come with a cable terminated with an SMA connector. If your device uses a different type of connector you will need an adapter.


Often a dedicated 3G / 4G modem / router with externally mounted antenna(s) will provide better data throughput than the Booster scenario, if provisioned with 2 antenna sockets, and fed with a MIMO antenna. The router will then supply Wi-Fi, or cabled network connection for your data only devices.



Please Note: Purchasing only an external antenna to improve mobile phone signals will NOT improve your reception unless your phone has the capability to accept a cabled connection.

If in doubt, give us a call on 1300 37 87 00 We'll be happy to work out the best and cost effective solution for your needs.

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  • Hi Mark, sorry to hear about your experience with RV Wi-Fi. We can’t really comment on the faults you are experiencing as it is not our product.
    We frequently see RV Wi-Fi users getting sold solutions that are not really appropriate to remote and fringe area performance..
    We offer various solutions which can be found in our Menu under,
    “3G / 4G Cellular Mobile Data Routers”
    We do highly recommend the all in one solutions such as the Cellferno M600 which is a router and antenna combined – this really ensures you can make the most of the signal and data throughput that is available. Give us a call to discuss your specific need – we always try to tailor our solutions particular needs.

    BFM on
  • Hi at the moment I have RV wifi. I travel with the circus and mainly fairly close to the main part of towns or at least very close to main towns
    I have become disappointed with it. I have contacted the company several times in which they had given me several solutions to fix my problem. The last time I contacted them with the same ongoing problem about 3 to 4 weeks ago through their web page, other than getting a notice saying they have received my inquiry and will get back to me in 2 business days. And I haven’t received anything after that. What it is doing is it just drops off and will not reconnect unless I pull the power plug out wait a few moments and reconnect to power. So I am looking for a replacement. My network is Optus. What would you suggest would be good for us and how much am I looking at. We mainly use it for internet. Presently as I stated we are with a circus presently in lock down in Hamlyn Terrace NSW but we will be travelling buy ourselves in a year or two. I know Telstra has the best service area but we have our phones with Optus. Which has better and cheaper plans which we can afford.
    Anyway looking forward to your reply


    Mark Cheater

    Mark Cheater on
  • Paul – you asked which antenna you may need for your Cel-Fi. It is very difficult to give a recommendation without knowing the specifics of your situation. Give us a call and through our sophisticated modelling software we can make an exact recommendation when we know more about your situation. Here to help and we can be reached on 1300 37 87 00

    BFM on
  • I alrwady have a cel-fi booster but want to to increase the signal strenth with an external antenna which would you recommend

    Paul Jenkinson on
  • Allison, if you have 3 bars of signal and the tower is only 7km away the issue is unlikely to be lack of signal, rather a lack of capacity on the tower. Unfortunately Telcos are adding more and more subscribers without increasing capacity on 4G,. The only thing you can do is talk to them or find a different provider or different tower.

    BFM on

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