More than $200,000 fine for owning an illegal booster! You are kidding!!

It's true, the fine for running an illegal booster seems ridiculously high.

That is, until you think it through.. most of the el cheapo boosters advertised on Ebay and dodgy repeater sites simply "shout" their presence at the mobile phone tower. This can mean the tower "breathes" and may temporarily reduce it's footprint and coverage.

So for someone on the fringe of that tower they may suddenly find themselves with no signal or a very high level of interference from the illegal unit. Now if they need to make a 000 call we could see lives in jeopardy.

So suddenly that fine doesn't seem like an over reaction at all.

We supply ONLY Cel-Fi repeaters which are made by Nextivity. These units work WITH the Telco and towers adjusting power output to maintain effective coverage and stop interference to the tower or other users. Simply put - they are SMART, and the ONLY legal units for use in Australia.

Remember - if it's not made by Nextivity it IS illegal.

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