What's your booster doing??

Introducing the Cel-Fi Wave App - your booster viewing and control app.

With the Cel-Fi Wave App you can view how your device is performing, you can register your device, adjust some settings and even update the device firmware.

You'll need to download the app from the appropriate location.

For iPhone via the App Store

For Android from Google Play

Windows and Mac versions here.

Your device connects to the Cel-Fi Pro or the Cel-Fi Go by Bluetooth.

Make sure you are within about 1 metre of the Cel-Fi GO or 1 metre from the Cel-Fi Pro Coverage unit (smaller of the two boxes)

Important: Whilst the Cel-Fi Wave app uses Bluetooth there is no need to go in to Bluetooth pairing mode on your handset. The Wave app handles all of this for you.

Simply be close to the Cel-Fi, ideally turn off all other nearby Bluetooth devices. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and open the Wave app.

Your phone must support Bluetooth 4.1 and for Android the system has to be higher than Android 4.3.

If initially your connection failed or was interrupted be sure to fully close and re-open the Cel-Fi Wave app.

Initially you will see the unit "Searching for Cel-Fi devices", then "Syncing Data" which can take a few minutes before the Dashboard is displayed.

The dashboard displays two very important values - the signal strength being seen by the Cel-Fi and the amount of boost it is creating.


In this case we see quite a strong input signal, but relatively low Boost level (The Boost Level is often an indication of the isolation between the external (donor) antenna, and the internal (coverage) antenna. Re-positioning the coverage antenna may well improve this value with a value of 9 being the best)

This really does give full operation information at a glance, however if we want a little more information we navigate to the "Advanced" Tab.

Here we can see the Cel-Fi is Boosting a 3G signal on Radio A. Here we can expand the Radio A Tab to show a lot more information that may assist you or your tech support person in diagnosing what is happening.

If needed your tech support person may ask you to record the values on this page or if possible take a screen shot.

Please note - the Wave app is NOT needed for normal operation of the Cel-Fi device. It is simply a diagnosis and information tool with the ability to change such things as the use of external antenna, mode of operation, updates etc. Only one device can connect via the Cel-Fi Wave app at any one time.

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